About Us

GotChosen is an American tech startup founded by Brazilian entrepreneur, Oz Silva. Oz's mission is to enable websites and influencers to monetize their social media content.

GotChosen's unique platform enables websites to monetize their social media content directly on their sites. Audiences can now enjoy social media content while browsing the website's article pages. And websites can earn more monetization without compromising their user's experience.

And now, GotChosen wants to do the same for the influencers' community. GotChosen is launching a unique social media monetization platform that will pay influencers directly with money earned from our advertisers!

And this is only the beginning! Stay tune for our innovative marketplace and metaverse monetization products that will disruptive the way content creators and their audiences interact with Brands.


In the beginning Oz created a scholarship program as part of his strategy to build the company's online presence while developing the technology for the websites. College students visited the website to compete for scholarship funds and provide feedback. GotChosen has given away $440,000 in scholarships and helped 75 students achieve their educational dreams. He continues to focus on helping others.

The current system was built to gain content from creators for free. Let's change this together. Choose to monetize!